Party of four..

My house is about to get invaded by fourteen year old girls that are planning to cook, watch movies and eat birthday cake this evening.. and talk when they are supposed to sleep tonight.. There are matresses all over the floor of my youngest’s room, the kitchen is starting to smell like nachos (although God knows when they’ll get done..), I’ve stuck the cake in the fridge, brought out the leftover candies from last night’s Hallowe’en and I’m hoping we get to spend at least the first part of the evening here in the living room. i have come to terms with the fact that the latter part might be spent in the bedroom where the other TV is at our  disposal.  (I could of course bring knitting and laptop into the other section of my living room and curl up there. I just don’t know if I can cope with a whole evening of four girls with the giggles!) Right now there are more You Tube watching going on thatn anything so far…

made this in my journal earlier this week…

got one step further the next day..: don’t know where I’m heading..


.. but a wooden bird, a candy lion and a giraffe made of lepard paper.. I guess it gives itself what to write :

I learned that using aquarel paint doesn’t give me the background colour i want on this paper.. I want stronger. So I have to work on this page more. It’s not finished yet.

One response to “Party of four..

  1. Håper kvelden med fjortissene er vel overstått! Ha ei god uke!

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