No, things aren’t always what they seem- but what is seen on the photo below certainly was more than real when I lugged it out of the corner in the kitchen. -when it comes to ironing I have a Masters in Procrastination.. The result is an occasional heap like this:

At least listening to the radio is a nice thing to do when diving into  these Layers of Boredom. Every time I’m stuck with this activity I’m wondering why I use tablecloths all the time. And why did they choose Monday night to play classical music on accordion on P2!!! Bad combination for me..

But I’ve done half of the heap, anyway… yeay for me.

This part of the day- however – was excellent! Both the coffee, the cake from the weekend and the company.

I did a mimimal amount of crafting tonight. Tomorrow is weaving , so the little projects at home will have to wait till Wednesday.

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  1. Sikke en masse hygge her i den mørke tid og meget flotte collage-bøger….

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