Dragging myself around..

I cannot believe how drained I feel today. At the end of  teaching six lessons I got the vision problems I get once in a while with a following headache. Couldn’t really see the drawings the kids made. After school ended I went to the staff room to relax a little before working at my desk. A mother showed up for a re-scheduled parent- teacher interview and we went into the meeting room. While I was talking I could hear myself not being able to say the words right. I tried several times but it sounded like a kid not being able to talk properly.. it kind of freaked me out, but I know that  happens to a colleague of mine when she has migraines, so I figure that’s the reason. It passed after awhile, thank goodness. Wonder what the poor women thought. I tried to explain that it had to do with the headache and the lack of vision. Let’s hope she didin’t think her kid is with some crazy person every day.

The girls started supper and my oldest started a fire in the fireplacewhile I drove home after a half hour of trying to get something done at my desk . They  are such good kids.

I have been out with the dog and have put on a load of laundry.. But I feel like sleeping on the couch under a warm blanket. It’s like there are no muscles in any part of me.


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