Father’s Day in Norway

We were woken up bu two teenage girls- who know Dad is not into coffee in bed, but a happy dog is good! So the dog  came to say Happy Father’s Day. That is: the dog said something more along the lines of:Yeay! A bed to roll in – and with two of my favourite people  to roll on!!

My youngest had a service at the church to attend, since she is going to confirmation class this winter. It was way too windy and way too much rain to walk even though we are very close to the church so I went with her and we took the car.The snow we had has turned into slush or just big puddles of water. Just from the house to the car my hair was wet! All the more reason to  curl up at home and do only what we fee like doing.

Hubby has been watching sports, the girls are on their computers on and off and I spent time in the kitchen with coffee, paintbrushes, crayons, glitter glue, scissors, magazine cut-outs, the radio…





..while this was in the oven:


Yesterday I almost finished this Mystery thing.. I will finish it tonight. Can’t show it till Wednesday..There is no way you can guess this, little Sis!!!!

clue: Old fashioned stuff! (vintage is a better word, right? 🙂  Another little thing is also being sent to you on Monday.


We have just finished supper and some Father’s Day cake. I’m stuffed!! I need a dog walk!

3 responses to “Father’s Day in Norway

  1. Her var det mye fint 🙂
    Ha en fin kveld.

  2. Høres ut som en hærlig søndag 🙂 Skvatt til da jeg så koppen med tusjer i, MIN står nemlig på hytta *fnis*

  3. idag er det tirsdag og jeg skal LØPE hjem fra jobb og sjekke postkassa! I morgen reiser jeg rett til Voss og får jo ikke pakka da før natt til LØRDAG :o(( Håper håper håper…

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