Monday turned out okay.. We had a really long meeting at work, but since I only teach two lessons that day- I feel like it’s a breeze going through the workday. Unless I have a stack of work at my desk that I wonder when to squeeze in..

Today, however, I teach all day and then I work at my desk til 4.00, intensely to get as much planning done as possible. Tomorrow is the same, but I teach art and music- something that often is more enjoyable and gets the kids engrossed in the processes than Tuesdays with four periods of English and two periods of social studies/history for 10-12 year olds..

I went to weaving tonight- we worked on looms setting up/getting ready for weaving. Didn’t even get around to mine, two of the other ladies need help for theirs first.. That’s okay; i’m learning something new every time.

I sent off my sisters’ birthday present yesterday and it got there today so now I can post the photo. It’s a hot water bottle with a knitted cover and some stichmarkers for her knitting projects.



I made quite a few of these stitch markers a while ago. My fingertips were sore for a couple of days after..dsc018171

So I DO occupy myself with more than journaling, you see!


dsc01956this is a bigger loose leaf journal page that is only half  done so far. I coloured with oil pastels first. Then I painted gesso over it.


Then a layer of water colour.


Then the collage pieces. Next move is so far uncertain..


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  1. its great, thank u very much 🙂

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