I don’t think you can call it sleep what I did last night.. more like fainted! Didn’t “come to” until closer to nine and now I ‘m more like a zombie. All I can consentrate on is this coffee:dsc019811

No sooner had I taken a photo of it, I emptied it. Now I am on the second one, wondering if I could finish something as little as this thing (no more than one more ball and it’s done..) Useless and small project. Can’t seem to bring myself to much of that these days. And i usually have many homemade projects on the go before Christmas. This year it doesn’t look good!!


All I did last night was watch “Beat for beat”, this musical guessing game, on TV, and journal on pre- painted pages, all the while drinking a “Christmas beer” right out of the bottle.  And studying Teesha Moore’s journal bookdsc0198311



dsc019871I am reading this book these days, Have started it before, but wasn’t in a reading mood at time and gave it up.. Have read Doris Lessing before. Last was The diaries of Jane Somers, but having read more than two thirds of it al i found it somewhat boring and put it away. Can you believe it? No respect for finishing a book..! (Too many books in the world to stick to something that doesn’t engage me..)

I gotta get my act together. Gotta do some shopping, my youngest is going to pick out glasses for herself today, I’m visiting Mom, getting some housework done so I can enjoy sitting down in my own house.

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