tea, kleenex and cough drops

..is needed around here. My youngest had to stay home from school for three days last week in order to be well enough to go to school this week. She has three term tests these days, so I was determined to have her all better by today.

Then my oldest started. And her cold is if possible even worse. AND she has two term tests , one was today, the other tomorrow. I’ve served her pills, stocked up on kleenex and bought a few bags of cough drops. Now we brewed some tea… because I could feel a slight soreness of my own throat!


That can’t happen right now because three people are already away from work and we are trying to patch thing together so the students won’t notice too much of an effect..

Hubby went to Vietnam for ten days , left really early this morning.

We have spent the evening in front of the fire (except for the regular dog walk with a digi book on my headphones ), me with the new issue of my favourite interior decorating magazine,


..and the girls with their praparation for the tests tomorrow.

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