Craft night?

I am waiting for supper to get ready. We are late with it today. The yougest is in the movie theatre with friends and  I came home at four thirty and started making pork meatballs, some for the freezer for Christmas and some for supper, since I was at it.. So now I’m having a coffee and some blogging in the mean time.

My plan was to do some crafting tonight… a sample for the kids at school to go by if we were to make om stitching after Christmas. However my knee is really acting up, now it is swollen and bothering me even at night, so maybe I should take a trip up to the hospital and have them take a look at it tonight. Getting an appointment at the doctor’s is impossibel, sitting at the doctor’s office trying to get in will take me an entire work day and we are already short staffed this week. I shouldn’t have to think about that, but I do.

Maybe I’ll be listening to my digibook in a  hospital corridor instead. Not exactly an appealing thought…

The beginning of a mobile:






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