“Bestest” Sunday

I was at this gathering at the local pub last night: anyone born in -58 met up for a drink. We were around 15 people who showed up, the singer that was hired in was good and around 11 at night the pub filled up with other people, too. I had a good time and after getting  home really late I slept till 10 this morning. Now I have decided to have the bestest Sunday:




Coffee, fire going, knitting


the weather is good so a walk with doggie and my digital book later will be good.

I plan on getting a gingerbread dough made later, but I’m knitting while watching skiing on TV right now. The only thing missing- that would’ve made it The Very Bestest Sunday- is Hubby who is in Vietnam for the 2. week now. I miss him terribly, especially on a Sunday like this! But when this trip is over there is no more trips planned before Christmas, thank goodness!

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