A Monday night devoted to yarn and fabric

I have decided to finish some knitting and work on the woven runners I just took off the loom this morning.. That is my simple goal for the evening. A very comfortable and good goal! 

After this cappuchino moment..



Kristi has no objections whatsoever to a cup with her mother. Computer, guitar, cappuchino… Life is not too bad for her either.


Have you noticed how we need to curl up in these dark evenings wiht a fire going, table lamps on, knitting in hand, candles lit- and look for the good in the long evenings of this season.


wonder how i’m going to use this…



I have to cut them apart where I weaved in the brown, temporary parts and maybe I should put something around the edges…



I might work on some unfinished journal pages, too..






Sometimes I bring my journal to bed.. Last time I drew my night lamp and my journal book…


One response to “A Monday night devoted to yarn and fabric

  1. Så utrolig dreis du har fått på tegningene!!! Kjempefine!!!

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