Wednesday morning in the dark

It snowed a little last night and when I went to the mailbox this morning it was nice and white everywhere. Half an hour later: wet and slushy!

I have an appointment for an x-ray of my knee this morning so I won’t be heading out till right before nine. i live three minutes from the hopital by car.. When I’m done up there, I’ll go to work. My art class was supposed to start a little Hundertwasser project this morning- which is not that easy for a sub to jump into- so we’ll start when I get there- and finish it some time later.


I am at the last day of my week long anti- inflammatory treatment, and my knee isn’t swollen anymore. But it isn’t right either. We’ll have to see what they find. Thise littl ailments is crap; it’s nothing to wail about- yet at the same time it bugs me on a small scale- enough to make me a bit irritable.

And the dog isn’t well. She can’t keep her food down, if she does it isn’t right when – and where- it comes out. She has an appointment on Monday.An hour and a half to drive to a decent veterinarian with all the equipment needed. Talk about livin in the bush!

Enough whining! Really- there isn’t all that much reason to whine. So forget the last part of my posting. Life is pretty good! And in two more days, Hubby is home. Tired and jetlagged, I’m sure, but nevertheless…

One response to “Wednesday morning in the dark

  1. Blir vel litt uber-spennende med det røntgenbildet? Huff.

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