Tea and candles


Since eight o’clock I’ve spent the evening with te, candles and some knitting. I vacuumed and cleaned the floors after work, wlked the dog and put on laundry- but then I had spent what was left of energy after work. Besides, my legs are pretty achy tonight, both walking with and sitting with – so good tea, busy hands ,and some  TV watching was what I needed.

I’m expecting Hubby home tomorrow. He was lucky not to go back to Norway together with the rest of the Norwegians who were in Vietnam on this business trip- they are now stranded in Bankok. Bill’s flight was via Hong Kong, and he left from Hanoi this morning, so he is at the moment sitting (or laying down sleeping, hopefully,since it’s business class he’s flying) on a plane going to Amsterdam. I miss him and will be glad when he is home! Almost two weeks is a long time.

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