All white outside

It’s been snowing all day. Big, wet flakes. It is so silent out there, white, beautiful.


Carly made this in the back yard so we can see it from one of the living room windows.

..This man is on his bike every day, several times a day. But you would think he would skip his evening trip at least tonight….


Hubby has been keeping the fire going slowly all daydsc021611

I finally got the star out, the snow men and the ligth tree.


I haven’t touched my knitting today. I’m stiff and achy so I’d better leave it for a day or two. But journaling I can do! Preparing some pages for collage pieces to be glued later, writing to be done eventually…



I used Neocolour II (water solubles) from Caran D’ache on these pages. I also finished some pages over the last couple of days..



Sometimes I make larger pages and put them in a plastic folder  like this:

dsc02166 dsc02164

This is size A4. The last page didn’t come out tight on the photo- we do have a scanner on our stationary computer now, but the internet connection has been broken and it should get fixed soon. Then I’ll start scanning instead..

 My journal book is size A5. That’s handy for bringing along everywhere, but I would like to get a moleskine size A4 . And I could use some more pens of different kinds.I only have a couple of my gel pens left from a whole set of them. And i’d like to try the Sharpie pens. Maybe i’ll order some soon..


3 responses to “All white outside

  1. Whauuuuuuu – en masse sne og så på en første søndag i advent 🙂

  2. Tror jeg må begynne med noe sånt jeg også,- terapeutisk øyemed liksom ????

  3. virkelig stilig disse sidene du lager altså.

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