This little piggy…

was made from Liselotte’s pattern on the blog Slagt en hellig Ko. I’m working on a marcipan coloured one where I went for making it twice as big, but my shoulder muscles told me to take it easy at the end of last night…


Kristi served and cleaned up after a Christmas buffet  at the mountain lodge where she works last night. She left home at three o’clock in the afternoon and didn’t return until one in the morning. We won’t wake her up!

The rest of us are having coffees in front of an open fireplace this morning. It’s snowing outside and today they are turning on the lights on the town square Christmas tree and they have old fashioned outdoor market there, too. Perfect with snow on a day like this! Carly took this photo just now:


One response to “This little piggy…

  1. Jeg er også faldet for Liselottes grissebasser – de er helt fantastiske og du har sne….. så er det snart jul

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