I sleep in these days, when I am off work.. My body is somewhat achy, so I might as well take the time to do nothing and sleep when I can..

Sunday with no specific plans; cannot get any better right now. Due to the “no plans” I might even get something done, just because I can! Just as long as I don’t plan for it. Then I immediately get allergic to my own plans!!I should however take a walk with the dog while it is daylight. It’s lovely out there today!

When I visited Mandagspigen this morning I found out that the novel “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas! has been filmed by Miramax. I have raved about that book to people- but I seemed to be the only one knowing about it. If you find it, pick it up. At least go see the movie when it comes!


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  1. Å, dette er en kjempefin bok. Du er absolutt ikke den eneste som lliker den. Jeg anbefaler den stadig vekk og det må du også bare fortsette med. Det fortjener den.

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