I managed to do it again: fool myself into thinking I was going to have a day of doing Nothing! Around one o’clock I got up from the comatose position in my recliner, hopped in the shower, put on laundry, hung up laundry, ironed Christmas curtains for the kitchen, decorated gingerbread (if you can call it that when you smear them with icing and drop some  M&Ms on them), cleared some clutter and found the outdoor  lantern, wrapped a present, got the advent candles ready…. and made supper after a while.


..so how come some of us can just lay around as if nothing is going on in the world -and I have to wrap all the calendar gifts?!?!

But now we are all sitting down for a coffee- and the girls, however old they get, insists on not lighting the first candle of advent until they do on the kids’ programming on Norwegian TV, NRK.  And this year I turned 50-but I’m still looking forward to the kids show about the blue and red santas (blånisser) in Båfjell (Blue Mountain). Staring tomorrow! Yey!


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