Emma went to the vet

Bill and I drove the dog to the veterinarian we trust with our dog today. An hour and a half to get there (and just as long back, of course). One does what is necessary for one’s dog..

She has been puking more and more lately- as well as leaving other unmentionable stuff in the house , especially at night.. Her stool is also NOT of the right consistency… in case you were wondering (NOT!)

The vet found a benign cyst underneath her tail and a somwhat infected anal sack. Taken care of- hopefully that won’t come back.. The not holding the food, however has to be checked out further. They gave us a heavy duty pill in case she has paracites, ordered special diet food- and we’ll talk to them in two weeks.

She is to have NO other treats, NO other food. If this isn’t helping we’ll have to look into colitis. It seemed to be an intestinal problem, anyway.

She is already appalled that we came home and gave her none of the leftover omelette, not even a tiny piece of bread!! Just this new food… (which she ate without hesitating, mind you!)

But she enjoyed the car ride! Both the one going there and coming back! Oh yes!And no matter what: Home, sweet home!dsc016901

One response to “Emma went to the vet

  1. Å så nydelig bilde av Emma!!!! Klem fra tante

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