Sometimes all it takes to make me happy is a very simple supper after work. The smell of frying chicken, the sound of it frying, some colourful vegetables- voila! I’m easy to please..


Emma can’t have anything but this special food after the doctor’s visit yesterday. She thought it was a huge misunderstanding when she never got any leftover scraps after supper yesterday, no piece of bread after her morning walk this morning..


We got more snow today. I went to weaving after walking the dog, but only half the group was there (that means three- including me) and they were  not in the mood for any more work since the one lady had gotten pink eye from her grandchild and the other had worked on setting up her sister’s loom since three o’clock. We decided not to meet until after New Year’s now.


I feel like going to bed early (which means before 11pm) and read my book. My knee and bones in general are achy tonight.. and I got books at my bedside!

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