Today Kristi is on her way to Oslo for some shopping with a couple of friends. She’ll be back on a late bus.

Carly is having a friend over around four. She’ll sleep over, they have shopped and planned for a nacho dinner and gingerbread baking. Have fun girls! (But DO clean up the kitchen..)

Bill and I are going to the commune’s JULEBORD (Christmas party with a buffet style meal). Last year it was not a very good party, the live music started right after the meal was over (meal was good) and it was too loud and not good!! Most people had left around midnight. Bill had just come home from China that time,anyway, so he was so jet lagged that he was ready for bed at ten o’clock, so we left really early.  This time he has been back from the Asia-trip for more than a week now, so he’s back on track. I’m hoping it will be better thsi year. If not we’ll just leave early. no big deal. But my expectations are not very high. We’ll see. it might turn out to be fun!

After two morning coffees I’m still a little spaced out and stiff in the body. I’m just going to have to start vacuuming, getting some laundry done, get some groceries for mom, put more laundry on…. Would be nice to have a Saturday of no particular plans every now and then.. At least the dog is feeling healthy today!

This was a really whiny posting. I’ll put in a couple of  journal pages  I did when I also felt whiny. Sorry about the flash!

dsc022071  dsc022082

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