This photo is by the school where I work. This is as far as the sun comes down the hillside at this time of year..

I am not going nuts with preparations for Christmas anymore.  It drained me for years- I liked it, but at the same time I was half dead on Christmas Day! No more of that. Besides, school’s out 4 days before Christmas Eve is upon us- I will get a lot done then..

I have bought “lefse”,-and tomorrow night us teachers are staying at work after school hours in order to have a buffet and then bake “lefse” together. I’ve never done it, it’s a big job, but four of us are veterans as far as that particular baking skill goes, so it’ll be fun, i’m sure..

Mom made a doug for these cookies on Tuesday and I brought my part home and baked them:


The kids at school are working on some Hundertwasser inspired aquarelle spirals at school. Here are mine.. Markers are used after, and we glue some bits of “gold” on at the end.



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