Baking and crafting

Friday after school we had ordered  food for the  whole  staff and planned a baking evening for some of us. We have some women on our staff that have baked “lefse” for some years now and are to be considered “skilled” in this art..

I have  never taken part in any of the involved processes, so I was looking forward to learning about it.


The majority of the team lined up for a photo!


getting started.. Actually we started the day before by boiling potatoes, peeling them, mashing it up  and mixing it with butter. Now is time for mixing with cream. Later we kneaded in flour.


one of the veterans is showing how to use the special rolling pin. Believe me- it was a lot harder than anything else I’ve used a rolling pin on. And it was supposed to be rolled out as round as possible and paper thin. I forgot to take a photo of the baking on the big, round hot plate- I was too wrapped up in it all by then. But here are my “lefser”  after I’ve buttered them, sprinkled them with sugar, wrapped them first in half, folded them into triangles twice, ready for freezing. I have to admit the edges are kind of unproffesional- even with all the assistance I got. But the taste is good, and I’m proud I did ten of them! I have some in my freezer already. They were baked by this lady who sells hundreds of them every Christmas- and they cost a fortune to buy!!!


Yesterday I got this sudden idea that I was going to lug out some yarn and try and make my mom a “potato chips scarf” for Christmas. I’m crocheting while watching ski sports on TV today:


It’s baby wool and my Mom’s favourite colour. (I doubt she’ll wear it, but you never know)

Tonight is a candle mass in church where the confirmation students are supposed to take part. Carly is in that class and I signed up earlier this fall to help out tonight, so I’ve just baked an apple cake to bring to the coffee after mass.


My friend T ,who lives in Japan is home for Christmas now, so yesterday she came with me and the girls uptown to go shopping. The girls found clothes they were looking for, we found some gifts and I picked up the turkey for Boxing Day, the ground pork for meat balls and the sausage that we use with ribs on Christmas Eve I got too, but the ribs I have to pick up later. We also went to the bakery for a coffee and freshly baked buns with ham and cheese. In the afternoon T went to visit her mother who is at the old age home.

In the evening she came to us for a visit and we sat around talking untill 10:30 despite her jet lag! It is always such an enjoyable bonus that she is here for these three- four weeks twice a year.

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