Tonight I just took the girls with me to eat out. Even though I don’t go crazy with Christmas preparations I seem to have some running around to do after work most every day. When we got back home I made a cup of cappuchino for Kristi, my friend T. and myself. T. took the dog for a walk wchich I really appreaciated because my knee is really bad today. -even my fingers are a bit achy..

Kristi and Carly are giving their friends some painted glass jars with homemade lemon jelly squares in it this Christmas so the kitchen smells like lemon and glass is drying on the kitchen table now.


I had a hard time finding some plastic containers to pour it in.


Tomorrow we can cut it and roll it in sugar. And when you have been involved in the process you’ll never want to taste a square of it again- due to the sugar content!!!

Here is the scarf finished:


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  1. Tænk at være venner med dem at få hjemmelavet glas med lemon curd – så kan livet ikke blive bedre…

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