Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

We have had a very tradition- filled evening. We went and got the tree we had picked out at the tree farm earlier this fall. All four of us- as usual.

Then we decorated after supper. That is; I have very little to do with it now.


Bill and Kristi puts it up and trim anything uneven..


Then the ligths come up.. I might have something to say there.. Then the girls decorate . 


We have both Canadian and Norwegian flags on our tree. My grandmother made the tree skirt for me years ago.


Now we just want to sit around and enjoy it.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning. Coffee, no ligths on but the tree lights and some candles. A slow morning before I head out to do shopping and visit Mom.

2 responses to “Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

  1. Hvor er det smukt og skønt at se de norske flag på træet…. Nu er julens sendebud da for alvor i jeres stue…

  2. Å for ett nydelig tre,(har bare jukse tre vi)

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