Merry Christmas!

Santa and Rudolph have been provided for (a custom the girls remembered they had learned  in Canada when they were little)


and I have discovered a way of getting to get the girls to bed before me: Stockings that need to be filled with surprises! (too bad it’s only once a year)


my dog is still on medication and the vet said we could carefully try to flavour her food with something since she doesn’t eat much. I must have overdone it with some hot dogs today ’cause she has puked two times and wanted to go outside all the time.. We had a male dog by the door for a long time due to the fact that she is in heat, too.  I finally got a hold of his owner who came and  took him home.My clean floor had to be cleaned two times more Now I’ve just left the broom in the corner We have to see what happens in the course of the night.


Merry Christmas to you who visit me here once in a while. Thank you! And I’ll leave you with a better photo than the above one!!My grandmother made me this table runner and it is my favourite!


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