Lalala.. It’s the most wonderful day

…of the year! No plans, no getting dressed unless you really want to. I wanted to actually, but I have no plans. Everything will happen as we go along. The girls are sleeping still. I just had a great coffee with milky foam.Bill wants to work on his vintage snow mobile. Everything is just good in the world- except the battery on my camera went as I took a photo. Recharging it now. We never make any hot meals on Christmas Day. We make a big spread of coldcuts, good bread, potato salad, cheeses, mustards, pickels, cold ribs and pork meatballs from last night.. whatever we fancy- and it is our  lunch/dinner. We all enjoy it as much as the Christmas Eve  meal. When the girls were little they liked cold hotdogs on the table , the round gouda baby size cheeses, cold fishballs(odd – I know!)- and those things  still have to be a part of the meal. They always make sure! We have Christmas beer, aquavit and the girls drink soda.. All decadent and marvellous! This one day of the year.

I only have to do one thing: make stuffing for tomorrow. Boxing Day is the big Turkey Day here.vMaybe I’ll get some fresh air… maybe… maybe…

3 responses to “Lalala.. It’s the most wonderful day

  1. Ønsker to og fir-beinte ei fredelig romjul!

    God klem fra Mmmarianne/FruJohansen

  2. Så fine julebilder du har lagt inn syrran :o) Kjempekoselig å se på!

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