So much for Christmas day..

…and enjoying a pyjamas day.. Noooooo:

The dog has been sick for so long but it took a turn for the worse on Christmas Eve. She is being treated for intestinal problems, possibly colitis, but she is in heat now and on the night before Christmas Eve we had a male dog lurking around our house. Emma had a pair of dog underwear with a pad on  and all of a sudden i noticed she had peed in it.. Then she puked. After that she got kind of sick. Peed while lying down, puking mucus.. On Christmas Eve she was a bit lethargic, lost her appetite (strange for a Lab!!) but the peeing and the throwing up stopped. Today she was impossible to trick into taking her medication and she was feverish. We talked to the vet several times. The vet’s office is about an hour and half hour’s drive from here. When Emmas fever was alarmingly up there today- and puss was coming out of her vagina we drove to the vet.  Conclusion: In addition to her intestinal problems she has a urinary tract infection and an infection in the uterus. This seems to tie in with her being in heat- so she is now scheduled for surgery to have her uterus removed on Monday coming. The vet gave her a shot of antibiotics and a fever-reducing and pain killing shot.

She is feeling better due to the shots, she at some fishballs and tried to mooch food from us. 

Pet owning people: GET YOUR PET  INSURED! It saved us 7000 Norwegian Kroner so far this year… And the surgery is going to be another 7000.  But we are insured!!!


But the rest of the evening is for us to lounge and watch TV.

We were supposed to get my mother and my sister and family over for turkey tomorrow, but my niece ha come down with a bad cold so we might have to postpone it. But the turkey is defrosted so I have to make the stuffing tonight and stick the birdie in the oven tomorrow in any case…

One response to “So much for Christmas day..

  1. Uffameg 😦 Stakkars Emma – det var mye på en gang for en liten hund! Alle gode bli-frisk-vibber fra oss fire her i Nannestad! *klem*

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