Big Turkey Day


This is a photo from Christmas Eve, the Meal of the year for Norwegians; ribs with crackling, pork meat balls and pork sausage, potatoes and sauerkraut, beer and aquavit for the adults. Kristi made the table decoration this year. Isn’t it nice?

Today is The Big Turkey Day. We were supposed to have my sister and family and Mom over but my niece got sick so we have postponed it until Sunday. I have thawed the turkey in the fridge however , so I have to cook it today- and we will have the meal by ourselves. I made a huge portion of stuffing last night. The rest of the bird will be reheated for Sunday and hopefully enjoyed as Plan B says- with the rest of our little family.

I might try to get some time in just lounging in between since I sort of missed out of “Pyjamas Day” yesterday.


 Doggie is eating a bit but threw up during the night. She is probably so starved that she gulps it down to fast, so we have decided to hand feed her, a little at a time and often, to make sure the battery of pills wil stay down; pills for fever and pain, one antibiotic for her intestinal problems and one for bladder infection.


I discovered I had been mentioned for this:


that was nice of course! It means I’m being read by someone who likes it in here.. I’m supposed to attach this text:

Denne bloggen investerer i og tror på NÆRHET
– nærhet i rom, tid og forholdene er usedvanlig sjarmerende og søte,
og formålet er å finne og å være venner.
De er ikke opptatt av utmerkelser og selvhevdelse.
Vårt håp er at når båndene på disse utmerkelser er kuttet,
vil enda flere vennskap ha forplantet seg.
Vær vennlig å gi litt ekstra oppmerksomhet til disse!
Gi denne utmerkelsen til åtte bloggere,
som igjen må velge seg åtte nye.
Inkluder denne teksten på utmerkelsen deres.

One response to “Big Turkey Day

  1. Hei nabo!
    Kom tilfeldig over siden din – morsomt! Fine bilder og historier. Håper Emma er bedre

    Big Turkey day! Her er det avslapningsdag.

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