Getting some necessary chores done

We are having my sister, brother- in- law, niece, nephew and mother over for turkey today so the floors had needs.. dsc025041

We were out last night and I suffer a little from too little sleep and a beer too many so for the most part am I sitting around just enjoying the fact that Christmas Holiday means a lot of going slowly through the day, having few -and mostly enjoyable plans, and not giving my job a single minute of my time. I drink coffee, I watch the birds outside the window, I chrochet a little, I draw and colour if I want to, I read, I watch old movies.

Emma won’t eat anything at all. We forced pills in her last night- with the result that she just threw them up again right away. We can’t do much. She drinks and sleeps. She wants to lay on the porch alot, something she usually finds very boring when no one else is out there. I coaxed her back inside when I saw she was shivering. Look at those sorry eyes! I can’t wait for tomorrow to come so we can take her in for the appointment at the animal clinic.dsc025061

2 responses to “Getting some necessary chores done

  1. Aua- dette gjør helt vondt i hundehjertet mitt å se! Stakkars, vesle brune hunden… 😦 Krysser fingrene for vellykket dyrlegebesøk i morgen!

    Forresten – våre hunder kommer ikke fra Gardermoen. Selma kommer fra en oppdretter i Lier med kennelnavnet “Mountaintribe”. Hvilket kennelnavn Nansen er tilknyttet kennel Turibo, tror jeg den heter. Mammaen hans er fra Lier, mens oppdretteren som “stod bak” kullet mener jeg er fra “inni” Buskerud et sted.

    Anyway – alle gode tanker til Emma og dere i morgen!

  2. Så fryktelig leit å høre at Emma ikke er bra. Masser av lykke til imorgen!! Stor klem herfra

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