Emma out of surgery

We left the house at nine this morning and returned at eight tonight. Emma went in  for surgery at eleven and at two the veterinarian called me to say it went well but it was in the nick of time since her uterus had burst and her abdominal area was filled with infectious puss that they had to rinse out. We were to pick her up at five.  We have her on IV right now and it will drip until one tonight. Bill and I will stay up till then, Carly insists on camping out in the living room with me to sleep. The next two nights we’ll keep her company during nighttime. She is healthy otherwise so the vet thinks she’ll be alright . I have an array of needles here, I said I thought I’d be able to give them to her myself. Besides, my friend T is a nurse and she’ll come by tomorrow and show me the first. She came over tonight to help with the IV too, thank goodness. We told the vet she could help so we don’t have to take Emma out for a long drive back tomorrow just for some salt water in her veins.. Look at the invention Hubby came up with to keep the IV high up! It works.



We spent all day in the tiny town of Bø. People probably thought we were homeless since we spent hours at this cafeteria; first having lunch…. then coffee… then some soda were consumed. Bill brought his computer,


 Carly drew in her  new moleskine journal book ,


Kristi got a bit boreddsc02547 and I had bought some alpaca yarn and started a new knitting project. (I had no makeup on and I looked like I had gone through a wringer so you won’t see more than my hands at work this time. I’m not that vain, but holy moley…!)


As I’m writing this it is a quarter to one and we are getting sleepy around here… Soon we’ll take  her off the IV and she can move to a bigger matress to sleep if she wants to. The poor thing!

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