2009 starting

I slept till ten this morning. I must be relaxed because we went to bed at one so athat means nine hours..Emma is doing well. We have tidyed up , vacuumed and I am  now slow cooking a pot of  chili that was meant for tomorrow, but the girls will probably eat from it today because they really don’t like the reindeer we are having today together with Mom. But I’m sure they’ll go for the dessert: Apple cake and homemade ice cream.

I do get time in for some time in my corner with knitting.. (I know the pillow is upside down and not a very good colour on that couch but it’s good to have in your back)dsc025611

Tonight I’m invited to my friend’s T’s apartment for good food and good company. We’ll be three girls who like to talk and laugh spending the evening together so I’m sure I’m in for a good time!

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