1.st workday in 2009

..was a course for all the teacher’s in the commune.  It’s been a longer Christmas holiday than usual- that means it’s tougher getting up at 7 than usual. Funny  that after one day of work it’s weekend again! I’m sitting in the kitchen with computer and knitting, coffee and some of the chocolate from Christmasdsc025691


I have started on a scarf to go with the wrist warmers and I’m knitting it in the round. i knitted while at the course today, too.


Carly has joined some You Tube group that are supposed to make some crazy food this week and tape it.. She is now baking bread that will have some ornamental work done before it goes in the oven, I think..


The thought of Friday night with knitting, candles and the smell of fresh bread is fine with me!

One response to “1.st workday in 2009

  1. Nytt år og nye muligheter. Her i stua er det litt rart for jeg er hjemme. Det vil si jeg skal ikke opp og på jobb men har gått av med AFP. Jeg går litt i surr med dagene, men det skylder jeg på alle helligdagene vi har hatt! Riktig godt nytt år til dere alle sammen!

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