De- Christmasing evening ahead


We are going to” relieve the house from all the Christmas clutter” tonight but first I am chargingmy batteries by  positioning myself in front of the TV waiting for skiing at 3.00. Beside me on the table; all kinds of atmosphere- making stuff plus newspapers, coffee and lunch. The girls and I have been uptown  and I spent my gift card  buying make-up.


Kristi has announced that she will make the hot meal tonight, nachos. I’m in heaven everytime someone chooses to cook because that means it won’t be me!!

As far as knitting goes: I knit through the british crime episode I enjoy watching plus some more, but with thin alpaca yarn and needle no 2 1/2 it sure takes awhile before progress is visible! It’s only the thought of the good result and the fact that I am “in the knitting-flow” that keeps me going!


One response to “De- Christmasing evening ahead

  1. mmm…….ja, den tynne alpakkaen er nydelig myk og god…strikker forresten med pinne nr 2,5 for tiden selv, men har ikke fått somlet meg til å ta bilde enda……snart;-)

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