I came home from visiting friends about half an hour ago. I had such a good time. Good food, all Japanese style, even chopsticks and Japanese bowls. A yummy curry dish, bread with cranberries, walnuts and raisins. Best bread I’ve tasted in a long time! We had coffees and ice cream, some of us knitted, we chatted up a storm and we laughed a lot. I feel so content. And I’m planning to have them over  on a Wednesday soon. These three gals I used to hang out with so much many years ago, but lately we have lost touch.

I made a decicion a couple of years ago that I need to get my act together and be more social on my spare time. I started the knitting cafe togeter with this other girl and then I got in with a group of weaving ladies. Now I should make this a year where I’m making an effort to invite people over to my house and serve some good food and nurture some friendships. It’s a good investment, I know.dsc02586

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