2008 craftiness list

I see some bloggers have listed what they produced of crafts last year and I had to go through my blog photoes to check what I have done. I think it has been less than before, actually. One main reason is that I am so into journaling these days.

So: tons of journaling pages,



neckwarmer (2)

wrist warmers

“”potato chip” scarf

a teddy bear


finished a jacket  for myself (for the cottage)

Cobblestone sweater for Hubby

cotton jacket for my youngest

2 felted sitting pads

a shawl for myself got finished

I chrocheted  som more on my It-Will-Never-Get -Finished- Curtain

I weaved several rag placemats that still has no edging on them.

My solemn promise to myself is to  have all the Christmas presents for 2009 finished before December. I waited till the last minute this Christmas past and it was not even fun doing it that way. So now I have already bought one, am working in secrecy on a couple of more and I have one half made that was meant for an earlier Christmas. I have planned on one more, just need to get the supplies I need.. I’m hoping i won’t get too sidetracked by the fact that I have  a confirmation on the 3rd of May to arrange.

2 responses to “2008 craftiness list

  1. Hold da op hvor har du været kreativ, hvornår sover du 🙂

  2. Du har da rukket litt i 2008! Lykke til med julegavene 🙂

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