is a virtue they say.. I think we have all used up our quotas for today in that department. I went to weaving night full of optimism thinking I would get the last bit set up on the loom so I could start the weaving itself next Tuesday. Then I discovered that I had made mistakes. I had to undo half of what I thought was done and all set. I am -again- wondering if this really is a hobby for me..

At home the girls were doing homework. They had been at drama class and had to get to their homework rather late. Carly’s math was just too much so her sister tried to help since I didn’t seem to be able to contribute with anything constructive. Kristi  got delayed with her own work and at 10:30 she just couldn’t take it anymore. Everything seemed overwhelming to her. So I said she should go to bed, read half a page of her book -and she would fall asleep for sure. I hope that is what will happen. Tomorrow is a new day, her birhtday actually. 17! They are both upstairs now, it’s already quiet up there and I’m left with my UFO (Unfinished Object) needlepoint that I dug out of the sewing basket the other day. A thing or two in there should get finished and out of the way.


I should go to bed myself. But I so enjoy a few minutes by myself, watching the 4th episode of “Upstairs, Downstairs” on DVD from the library and the needle just going up and down, up and down….

ooops… now I remember that I have to get the breakfast tray feady for tomorrow morning since we have a birthday girl here. And the card! Gotta make a card!

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