shopping and lunch visit

Before Christmas I spotted some tops in a clothing store uptown. But I passed them because I had to stick to the plan i had for my wallet that day! I took a stroll in the same store today and seen them again. I just had to try them on since they were in “my colour”. Thinking that they probably didn’t fit me anyways, since I’m a pretty big girl, I went into the fitting room. They both fit. I liked them both. They were a little pricier than I hoped, so I picked the one I liked the best.  Then it turned out they were 50% off. Hence: I walked out with both of them.



Then I went o visit mom and we had lunch together. She had made  lovely open faced sandwiches for us and good coffee. And a little something from this tray afterwards:


 I also went to the bookstore and got a book I heard about (it’s coming soon as a movie, too): The Timetraveller’s Wife.

It’s still a couple of hours until we head out to visit friends so I’m just going to sit around with the newpaper and knitting for a while.  This is a good Saturday, I must say!

One response to “shopping and lunch visit

  1. så lekre topper! Men de var veldig like ?? Du får vurdere om du kan beholde begge to eller om du bør selge en videre???? He he. Misunn, misunn!

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