Monday, Monday

(for those of you remembering that song from The Mamas and the Papas). Yesterday was a day spent in a complete passive state. I’m making up for it by running over the bathroom, doing more laundry, clearing kitchen counters and emptying the dishwasher and reloading, paying bills ove the netbank, sorting out what to get at the grocery store.. It’s called a slow morning. (And by the way: I was only a kid when the Mamas and the Papas were singing!!) But this hallway i’m not touching… now…


A lot of snow has fallen in the course of Sunday and overnight so we are waiting for ploughs to go by on our street, it took time to clean the car off this morning, and Bill has shovelled the walkway into our house.

One response to “Monday, Monday

  1. Det lyder som om du havde en søndag som mig….. i nederste gear og ikke i overhalingsbanen 🙂

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