I’m not a work today since I woke up at 4  with that jaw-headache that bothered me for so long last year. It’s not full blown or anything, but it has been lurking there for a little while and today it was necessary to take a pill I got from the neurologist.. then another one. I still have a pressure around my head and my eyelids feel to heavy to carry, but the jaw is only a faint pain. I have to go see the doctor this afternoon for some colesterole stuff. That means I have to shovel all the snow off the car. And soone or later I have to shovel the walkway into the house too.. But that’ll have to wait until tonight I think. Now I’m just going to have a hot coffee and sew on a felt heart that has laid around for a long time..

Now about this bad photo:


I bought this book on Saturday. Read about it on the web and realized the movie will come soon.  i put the book “Inkspell” aside for a while in order to read this one before I see the movie. in English it is alled “The Time Tavellers Wife”, So far it is good. I’ve read about a hundred pages.

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