A full plate

That’s what my day could be characterized  as. Hardly time to run to the washroom. People pulling my sleeve the whole day..and a lurking headache on and off..  I could go to the knitting cafe tonight but I want to stay at home and knit. I just realized I have gotten far on this project that feels like I’m knitting with the thinnest version of toothpicks. Soon I’m at the right length for a double scarf that will warm a certain neck someday:dsc02832

The wind outside is too strong for any of us longing to take the dog for a walk. But I’ve had my coffee, have spent almost an hour in my recliner so I know it’s time soon..

This weekend I’m invited to an all-girl’s cottage weekend. My friend R.  is home from Spain (where she spends the winter months) and has invited me. We will be four women. I know the one likes books and knitting, too, so guess what I’m bringing besides wine…   I wrapped my friends’ birthday present today- and tried more of my puff-liners that Kristi and Carly gave me for Christmas.


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