My doctor has encouraged me to try and lower my cholesterol  level by excersizing and keeping away from eggs, cheese, butter and other dairy products or “barn” products. Which I have done during the weeks, and monts, that followed. I was a bit discouraged as my knee was acting up on me and hindered me from walking some of the time, but turns out I have managed to lower it quite a bit- and I should be able to lower it to the level it was ten years ago if I just keep it up. I am proud and motivated!

That was one good thing!

Any other? Oh yes, I think “Vakre Hjem” , my favourite interior decorating magazine, is coming tomorrow… In the mean time I enjoyed the last “Country living” I bought a while ago. And had a looooong conversation with my sister on the phone tonight.dsc0276111

One response to “Cholesterol

  1. Og den samtalen var etterlengta og deilig laaaaang, ja!

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