Abundant snow.

It’s been a weekend with a lot of snow- and a lot of time has been spent having to deal with unpleasant things happening due to snow and ice…

 First Bill had gone up to the cottage Friday morning to take all the food, fire wood and propane into our cottage before coming back into town to pick up the girls and K’s friend after school- They were all going to spend the weekend at our cottage. Before unloading the wood and luggage the carburator broke on the skidoo and Bill had tools but no extra part. Stranded at the cottage we tried every possible solution to get the part to him or him out of there and back home. This happened at 11 in th morning. At 6 my brother- in- law  had arrived in the mountains with his snow mobile and got him and the food back down to the car so he could go home to the three girls and the dog.

In the mean time I had left to go to this other cottage a couple of hours away from here to my friends’ last party with friends before getting married. Almost there I got stuck halfway up the last hill. Too much snow- and nothing but rock hard ice underneath. I slid backwards into the side of the road and into a big heap of snow with the car. Five people out to help me out of there. By the time we succeded – and it was just snowing hard the whole time- I was ready to turn around and spend the night at my aunt’s (she lives half an hour from there..) In the end I got talked into staying and they had a parking spot farther down the road where the snow was already piled up.. I figured it woud take a miracle to get me out of that pile of snow Sunday night… And it kept on snowing..

dsc02844The party mood in that cottage crowd was unbelievably high so there was a certain volume, a certain amount of glasses and bottles and a certain attitude of whooping it up and going all night.. I caved in around one thirty, amazed at my own stamina, after all. Friday night is really not my big party night, totally inflated after the work week. (Do I have a day that could be called party mood night? I’m not so sure..)

Saturday there was dressing up of the bride-to-be… in horrific clothing Then out for a walk in the -still-snowy weather (it just hadn’t stopped since Friday afternoon..) We walked pretty far up to a mountain restaurant with her dressed in lacy green , green fake fur and men’s boots and some godawful glasses from the 70’s. dsc028541People were quite stunned.. ( I was by then somewhat stunned myself)

Getting there took us an hour due to the heavy snow and the ice underneath. Going home took just as long. And it just kept on snowing.


This morning it had stopped snowing and as the morning progressed the sun came out! The amount of snow was unbelievable!


Beautiful but … lots and lots!



I had my doubts about how easy it would be to get my car out of there :


Luckily it was not difficult. Other than using some elbow grease we experienced no more difficulties.

We also had two other “fun” factors during the weekend:

1. My friend who drove with me from our town had been sick all weekend, most likely with the flu. She kept her chin up by the help of pills, but really she had no strenght or energy.

2. After supper Saturday night the power went out and after a lot of searching around we found the main fuse on the outside of tge house- NOT in the fuse box with the rest of the fuses- god forbid there would be logic at work. And outside there was- like I have already said:A LOT of snow, so some of the party had to put snow pants on again and start looking around.

I had my own solution for how to keep knitting despite loss of electricity:


2 responses to “Abundant snow.

  1. FOR en helg! Hadde psyka ut ved første snøhaug, jeg! 🙂

    Som vanlig koser jeg meg veldig når jeg leser bloggen din!

    Ha ei fin uke – uten alt for mye snø!

  2. Stilig m hodelykt! Er man på strømløs hytte så er man det, tiltak settes inn. Man er da ikke rådløs??

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