Stand-in needed!

…for other family members to dump their big and small everyday problems on. The previously used person  is  full to the brim and need time-out for unloading. Periodically it is like a long never-ending road  paved with moaning and groaning over other peoples’ nastiness.

Much like how never -ending this scarf is to me right now.


There’s another thing that came my way today- and I do not particularily find it comforting: I need to fill gas on the car, but I cannot seem to be able to open the lid to the gas tank. It’s really cold out today, minus 14 C, so I’m hoping that’s the reason! Tomorrow I’m supposed to take a very long drive to see the neurologist. And then the same long drive to go home. So I need gas!! I don’t know what to do other than hope it’s frozen and that milder weather is coming our way overnight!!


Am I nowhere near having the mental stamina to go to weaving tonight, knowing the evening entails continuing the work I was so frustrated over last time due to a mistake that had me undo hours of previous work!?!?!?

I would probably do a lot better if I could run an evening course in Godawful Cursing and Swearing instead!

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