shawl in slow progress

With Hillesvåg kamgarn- a verrrry thin type of yarn if you ask me… and needles size 2 the progress in cm is not that impressive. I’ll go for measuring my progress in rounds instead.  And time spent!! That would impress you…



The pink cotton thread is called a lifeline. in case you have to unravel. A most brilliant idea the pattern suggested. Using index cards for each round  was another suggestion I took to heart. Wow, that was sooooo much easier. People could actually talk to me without me getting a hissy-fit due to messing up the stiches!! By now you have caught on tho the fact that I get distracted easily, right?!

We have stuffed ourselves with good supper today, and afterwards we had some brownie cake and a coffee. Delicious and bad for you. All worth it!

I have done nothing strenuous today. Been for a little afternoon walk with my dog, done some laundry, making food. Otherwise: couch! I needed it!


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