We were invited to Mom’s for supper today and I know how to appreciate coming to a set table and a meal ready for me.  Picked up the girls and the dog – and it turned out Bill had come home a day early  from his out-of-town officedue to a stomach flu. He went straight to bed. I haven’t really seen much of him since I took the dog for a walk after our visit with Mom and then went to the knitting cafe. He was inbed again by the time I got home for the evening.


Haven’t knitted much, though.. My hands are dry and the yarn sticks to my fingertips- and I had left my hand creme at home. But I had coffee, did a few rounds on the alpacca scarf, knitted in some mistakes on the shawl and was too distracted to figure out where they were…

Here is some yarn that came in the mail two days ago. On sale at Projo. I couldn’t help myself.


2 responses to “

  1. oh nice! Og hva fint skal du lage av det da??

  2. Forslag?

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