The snow has come down during the night,too. We woke up this morning from the sound of the snow plow. I am at the end of the book “The Time Traveller’s Wife” and end up reading a little too long every night. But there’s nothing a morning coffee can’t fix!


My knitting project is not exactly progressing super fast but I plug away at it a little every day. It’s just that for every round I knit with this super fine yarn on needle size 2 !/2 it crinkles up and looks so much smaller that it will when it’s all done and blocked. I have to talk impatient self into believing it is actually growing at an even pace…



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  1. Sjalet ditt blir nydelig, og du har valgt en flott farge. Ja her laver snøen ned, ca 20-30 cm siden i går. Da er det godt å kunne holde seg inne med en god kopp te og et strikketøy! ha en flott helg!

  2. that book is one of the best I´ve ever read – but also so sad – dont you think! we do miss the snow here in old Copenhagen. Have a great sunday – x Julia

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