I gotta hurry and relax!

When the kids were little I always brought schoolwork home after teaching. Tried to get home around 3.00 pm when I figured the girls were tired from a full day in classrooms and the fairly crummy after school programme facilities they were in at the time.

Then there was homework, supper to be made, dog to walk , laundry to be done and whatever else had to be taken care of before it grew into something really unmanageable if it wasn’t tended to..

When the girls were in bed I had to open my bag and start on my schoolwork.  It was busy days, I’ll tell you. And twice during those years I took some further education while having just a couple of lessons off  a week from my regular job. And I was in my 40’s!

Now I can get naseaus just by thinking of bringing it over my doorstep. The girls are teenagers, they probably enjoy coming home from school sitting down in front of computers or TV without me hovering over them to tell them what else to do. But they are also there for me to call and ask if they have started a fire in the fireplace on cold days, to take the dog out for a pee, to start supper while I run to the store.. I try to finish all my planning and  preparations for class at work even if it means being the last one out the door at school.

But tonight I had to do some work at my dining table.dsc030111 And now I feel like my evening has passed without me even noticing! I better hurry and enjoy my couch; some knitting and a cup of tea! (but yarn is always with me…. apparently)

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