Early bird…. and Hot tip:Hassle-free bacon fry

I’m up long before the light today. I haven’t fallen into the vacation state of mind where every muscles rest at night yet.. Besides that shoveling might be the reason why my head started to bother me a bit yesterday afternoon. Now I’m contemplating taking a pill. I hate taking pills. But sometimes it’s just necessary I guess.. This morning the biathlon is on TV again, World Championship this week. There will be coffee ready for that! The girls onlywatch it sometimes because the parents do, but both Bill and I really enjoy watching this sport. Good thing our vacation is this particular week.

And later I might make some bacon and eggs. Usually that is such a messy undertaking but now I have learnt how to do it The Easy Way: Tinfoil on a baking sheet , oven heated to about 175-200. Bacon placed on tinfoil. Remove from oven when done! Viola! No more deadly hot grease flying both on me and the stove!! (looking at this photo now I realize it’s not a very appetizing one..)picture-009

2 responses to “Early bird…. and Hot tip:Hassle-free bacon fry

  1. For en fabelaktig ide! Det skal jeg prøve neste gang. Takk for et meget godt tips. Trenger ikke bare være hobbyrelater, nei!

  2. Superfabelaktig ide!!
    Tusen takk for svinaktig godt tips, det skal jammen prøves ut ja. De ekle små smellene i panna som frøser over både benk, ovn og meg er herved historie.
    Tusen takk – nå blir det bacon å få til eggene litt oftere her i huset også! Og ja – gjett om fruen i huset her sitter limt foran skjermen når det er ski på tv, strikker og pøser på med kaffe og Marie-kjeks jeg da ja!
    Ha en frydefull helg!

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