Going home

We had to either go up to Rauland for some shopping today (what happened? I usually plan well!) or go home tomorrow instead of Saturday. After some talking about it we decided to go home late this afternoon. The weather forecast isn’t the greatest . We are watching ski races today too, but soon we’ll start cleaning up a bit and organize our stuff and pack our bags. Before Bill got his snowmobile  we had to call the farmer to come pick us up and he charged us for each ride. That’s fine, the farmers up here have strong snowmobiles and great sleds. It is nice to be on our own schedule, though. No stress to get ready at a certain time. When we’re done, er’re done- and then we’ll leave the cottage.


As far as knitting go I suspect I might be able to finish mom’s  shawl this weekend. Depends how much time I put in.


2 responses to “Going home

  1. Dette blir et nydelig sjal! Herlig farge. Forest canopy er et lettstrikket og spennende mønster. Har strikket en cowl selv, og har sjalet på prioriteringslista 🙂

  2. Dit sjal ser meget lækkert og blødt ud – jeg er helt vild med farven

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