Friday mail

I was just going to write a post and  add some photoes – when the camera battery went, so photoes have to wait.

We are all having Friday evening the way we want it:  Bill and Emma have been out for a walk and now the dog got a new bone and Bill got himself a beer. I have just had a coffee and TRULY enjoyed what came in the mail today: 3 issues of PLAY MAGAZINE from TEESHA MOORE. I know I’ll have hours of reading/studying those magazines and get inspiration for further journaling. In fact I think I will do some journaling tonight.


ahh, it’s going to be a good, restful evening. I’ll also do some rounds on my knitting, have a glass of red wine and watch some TV.

2 responses to “Friday mail

  1. Høres ut som du har en deilig helg foran deg – nyt den!

  2. Er innom for å ønske deg ei god helg!

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