Hello- Goodbye (the Beatles)

Monday night Bill goes to Geithus to work there from Tuesday to Thursday afternoon.  There’s a portion of supper for Tuesday and Wednesday night to get into containers. He has a small room where he sleeps when he’s there so he microwaves his suppers from home.  dsc032181

I can remember when he first started going on business trips abroad with this type of job. We all needed some getting used to this new “routine”.

Stage 1:

He darted from one end of the house to the other searching for clothes and items to bring and he would get me going too. “Where is..?” and “Have you seen….?”  I would jump up and participate in the search for the items that seem to always be lost or hidden.There were little converstations about what to take along, what to leave behind. He would get the ironing board up and iron shirts in the kitchen, use the dining room table to lay out  clothes for sorting what to bring and not..So after a few times I would say: “I think I am going to go out for a while…. until you are all packed..”

Stage 2.

He darted, still, but would start the session by saying: “I think it is time you go out for a while. I’m starting packing soon.”

Stage 3. (we’re there now)

 He packs -for the most part without darting around looking wild-eyed.Nobody leaves the house. He might ask the odd “Have you seen..?”. I answer -from my, for the most part, unchanging position on the couch that I don’t know/suggests a place or two where one might find such “lost/hidden” items.

 And these going-back-and-forth- every week- thing is barely noticeable.

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